Alexia Lewis

Performance + Video Artist

Los Angeles, CA

Alexia Lewis

I love fine arts, photography, animation, film, and sometimes I write about it. See you in Miami!



Will Blockchain Live Up To Its Promise?

Mention Blockchain and most people immediately think of Bitcoin. No surprise since Blockchain technology was invented to track transactions of the once-esoteric cryptocurrency. But Blockchain is being touted as a technology that will revolutionize our world, in ways that are unrelated to using Bitcoin or its competitors.
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#MENWITHTXTURE Featuring LA Actor Jean Elie

The first time I met up-and-coming actor Jean Elie two years ago, I corrected him on the pronunciation of his own name. “It’s zhon! Aye-lee! It’s important!” It’s especially important when you’ve got big plans to see your name in lights...
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8 Ways How Not to Suck as a Photographer | A Guide

You may think that I'm being harsh. You may think that I need to sit down and be quiet. You may think that I'm a snobby know-it-all. Well, I am whatever you say I am, and I AIN'T STUNTIN' YOU. Photography is my life, I love it, and as this medium's passionate lover I am so disheartened by the constant barrage of mediocrity that I'm seeing everywhere.
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That Time Kara Walker Slayed You | #WCW

Can we just sit and bask in the genius of this woman for a second? Kara Walker is my all-time favorite contemporary artist. She makes work that's fearless, divisive, gut-wrenching, and from the moment I first saw one of her iconic silhouette cutouts during an art lecture slideshow in college, I was hooked in.
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Noah Davis: Garden City @ Papillion | A Review

I feel like I need to be up-front and honest right away: I always feel a little out of my element whenever I visit an art gallery and the works on view are paintings. It's because I never took a painting class, and so I feel a little inadequate, like I can't 100% appreciate painting as an art form.
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Alexia Lewis

Alexia is a practicing fine artist and small business owner in Los Angeles, CA. She directs photoshoots and short videos, produces media campaigns, prop styles video shoots and develops event experiences. At the University of Southern California, she studied conceptual photography at the feet of Sharon Lockhart and Robbert Flick, and learned traditional and experimental animation techniques. She's also a volunteer photographer for Dress for Success, and currently teaching herself how to spin lighted poi.



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  • Creative Direction
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